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plato the allegory of the cave history guide - plato the allegory of the cave the son of a wealthy and noble family plato 427 347 b c was preparing for a career in politics when the trial and eventual execution of socrates 399 b c changed the course of his life, rousseau social contract book iii constitution society - 18 thus at venice the college even in the absence of the doge is called most serene prince 19 the palatine of posen father of the king of poland duke of lorraine, blue dreams the science and the story of the drugs that - blue dreams the science and the story of the drugs that changed our minds lauren slater on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers capacious and rigorous blue dreams like all good histories of medicine reveals healing to be art as much as science parul sehgal, free to make how the maker movement is changing our - free to make how the maker movement is changing our schools our jobs and our minds dale dougherty tim o reilly ariane conrad on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers dale dougherty creator of make magazine and the maker faire provides a guided tour of the international phenomenon known as the maker movement, get ready for generation z macleans ca - even before the crowning of generation z some experts were challenging those assumptions suggesting we may have been applying 20th century expectactions to a new matrix where they no longer apply, conflict vs mistake slate star codex - i for one think this is a great change and a brilliant post absolutely less time delightedly exploring still more abstruse mistake theory legible problems although these are fun and the theory that total unity is possible feels good in favor of more time spent on projects such as which candidates are really fighting for the people vs just astroturfed shills hear hear, charlotte mason homeschool series - school education volume 3 of the charlotte mason series chapter 1 docility and authority in the home and the school chapter 2 docility and authority in the home and the school pt ii how authority behaves, malcolm x the ballot or the bullet edchange - the ballot or the bullet by malcolm x april 3 1964 cleveland ohio mr moderator brother lomax brothers and sisters friends and enemies i just can t believe everyone in here is a friend and i don t want to leave anybody out, creativity thinking skills critical thinking problem - quotes what information consumes is rather obvious it consumes the attention of its recipients hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it, the energy racket ahealedplanet net - the energy racket by wade frazier revised in june 2014 introduction and summary a brief prehistory of energy and life on earth early civilization energy and the zero sum game, recycling facts for kids - as a kid you enjoyed learning facts and figures because it gave you something to talk about to your friends and family well here are some really fun facts for your kids about recycling that they will find absolutely amazing and you too, the rules revisited men don t care about your accomplishments - i ve dated countless women and it has always amazed me how little they know about men if nothing else this blog is an outlet for voicing my astonishment at the typical female s ignorance of the male mindset, guns and states slate star codex - this raises a curious observation it should really only be kosher to round off 1 digit at a time if you only know something to the accuracy of 44 5 you can t round to 45 only to 40 because the 0 5 is already rounded within your understanding of its accuracy it could be a 44 48 and therefore the rounding to 45 isn t appropriate, motivational and inspirational quotes - motivational and inspirational quotes collection welcome to my collection of inspirational and motivational quotations reading and collecting books of quotations is one of my hobbies whenever i m feeling down or have a looming personal problem i turn to my books for some inspiration and words of wisdom, making a run at alternative and free energy - 1 much of this narrative can be found in dennis s writings particularly my quest and the alternative my quest was written from his jail cell while the alternative was written soon after he was released from prison my quest is no longer available as of 2014 to my knowledge but the alternative is available from amazon com as of 2014, the unsafe child less outdoor play is causing more harm - the third grade classroom that was visiting our nature center for the day consisted of mostly boys rowdy loud and rambunctious boys as we started out into the woods the children spoke loudly to each other in anticipation of what was to come after playing a quick game and explaining the ground r, millennials will not save the housing market 50 percent - millennials will not save the housing market 50 percent of millennials have less than 1 000 in savings a large number are mired in student debt, institute agenda the 2019 open mind management best - don t miss this two day executive institute focused on the business best practices executives need to reinvent their organization for success in the current complex care delivery system, from drunk dude to dude making a difference - that s about as much detail as i can go into for this post but possibly for another one i can give more detail i wouldn t want it to get too long for people to want to read, human knowledge foundations and limits - fideisms judaism is the semitic monotheistic fideist religion based on the old testament s 1000 600 bce rules for the worship of yahweh by his chosen people the children of abraham s son isaac c1800 bce zoroastrianism is the persian monotheistic fideist religion founded by zarathustra c628 c551 bce and which teaches that good must be chosen over evil in order to achieve salvation, wanted factory workers degree required the new york times - when the german engineering company siemens energy opened a gas turbine production plant in charlotte n c some 10 000 people showed up at a job fair for 800 positions but fewer than 15 percent