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diagnostic criteria in neurology current clinical neurology - a compendium of the latest published diagnostic criteria for a diverse group of neurological conditions the criteria cover a wide spectrum of neurological conditions whose diagnosis does not depend solely on histopathology e g brain tumors including cerebrovascular diseases dementias and, evaluation of clinical diagnostic criteria for neurology - background four sets of clinical diagnostic criteria for neurofibromatosis 2 nf2 have been developed by groups of expert clinicians but sensitivity has never been formally assessed the sets of criteria differ for people without bilateral vestibular schwannomas which are pathognomonic for nf2 objective to empirically evaluate the four existing sets of clinical diagnostic criteria for nf2, current clinical neurology on researchgate the - recommendations and clinical evidence regarding seizure prophylaxis diagnosis and treatment will be discussed finally various experimental animal models and the growing research in epileptogenesis following brain injury will be reviewed, pml diagnostic criteria neurology - the presence of clinical and imaging manifestations consistent with the diagnosis and not better explained by other disorders coupled with the demonstration of jc virus by pcr in csf is also considered diagnostic algorithms for establishing the diagnosis have been recommended, current clinical neurology springer com - current clinical neurology offers a wide range of practical resources for clinical neurologists providing evidence based titles covering the full range of neurologic disorders commonly presented in the clinical setting the, diagnostic criteria in neurology home springer - cu rrent cl inical neurology daniel tarsy md series editor diagnostic criteria in neurology edited by alan j lerner 2006 sleep disorders in women from menarche through pregnancy to menopause edited by hrayr p attarian 2006 psychiatry for neurologists edited by dilip v jeste and joseph h friedman 2006 status epilepticus a clinical perspective edited by frank w drislane 2005, criteria for alzheimer disease diagnosis clinical - apta neurology guidelines rehabilitation of vestibular hypofunction take quiz aes guidelines seizure treatment in adult patients with convulsive status epilepticus, proposed diagnostic criteria for cerebellar ataxia with - information on how to subscribe to neurology and neurology clinical practice can be found here purchase short term access individual access to articles is available through the add to cart option on the article page access for 1 day from the computer you are currently using is us 39 00, mal de d barquement syndrome neurology clinical practice - mal de d barquement syndrome mdds is a rare cause of imbalance encountered in a neurology practice however it consists of classic features that the practicing neurologist should be able to recognize when evaluating a patient with dizziness it is characterized by a feeling of rocking and swaying and typically follows prolonged exposure to motion such as being on a boat or plane, clinical neurology elsevier australia - of clinical neurology for medical students and hospital medical o cers as well as neurologists in their rst year s of training and secondly it is designed to sit on the desk of hospital medical o cers general practitioners and general physicians to refer to when they see patients with the common neurological problems, jcn journal of clinical neurology - clinical presentations and phenotypic spectrum of multiple sclerosis at a university hospital in saudi arabia nazish s shahid r zafar a alshamrani f sulaiman aa alabdali m aljaafari d al wabari e alkhamis fa